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O que significa “Loja”?

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Não é um lugar físico como as pessoas estão acostumadas a pensar, ou seja, frequentemente vemos pessoas dizendo “ali tem uma loja maçônica”, mas na verdade elas estão apontando para um Templo!

Uma loja é:

a) um reunião de irmãos


b) uma representação do universo


Site recomendado!

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Achamos interessante este site e gostaríamos de apresentar para vocês:

Arte Real Paramentos:


Lojas pra lá de ferradas !!

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É isso mesmo que você leu!!!

O título do post não esta errado!!!

Andando aqui pelo Sul e Sudeste temos “percebido” que algumas lojas estão enfrentando basicamente as seguintes situações:

a) a loja tem saúde financeira boa

b) a loja tem uma “dívida interna”

c) a loja tem uma dívida com a administração central a qual esta jurisdicionada

d) a loja tem uma dívida com o condomínio onde esta situada

e) B + C

f) B + C + F

No caso das lojas na situação F, geralmente depois de uns meses, os irmãos já não aparecem mais e só cabe ao venerável solicitar que a mesma seja suspensa ou liquidada.

Como esses problemas acontecem? Como as lojas chegam até esse ponto?

Outra coisa que notamos é que não adianta a “lojinha” fica fazendo iniciações pra tentar arrecadar dinheiro para saldar dívidas, até porque existe um “limite aceito” de iniciações por semestre, de que adianta tentar iniciar mais que o “limite” aceitaval para tentar arrecadar fundos de uma só vez? No mês que vem as contas tem a incrível capacidade de continuar vindo! Vão iniciar gente todos os meses para pagar as contas?

Mais um breve comentário: quando o candidato vai entrar na empresa, os sócios atuais comentam que:

a) tem que pagar pra ser acionista da empresa?

b) que tem mensalidades?

c) o pecúlio?

d) falam se a loja esta bem das pernas?

Este post já foi feito antes, pra quem é fã do Blog já deve ter percebido que sempre que podemos estamos comentado essas questões aqui.

Como solucionar este problemas?

Existem lojas maçônicas no Haiti?

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Aqui estão dois link nos quais vocês vão poder encontrar maiores informações:

1. Membros da Franco masonaria do Haiti:

2. Federação Maçônica do Haiti:

Estamos a vários Posts batendo tecla no Haiti porque alguns nem lembram que o pais foi devastado por um terremoto!


Mulheres cubanas se candidatam a lojas maçonicas

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Muito interessante este post, esta em inglês e espanhol pois cita outras fontes.

Recomendo a leitura pois além de tratar de temas como maçonaria + mulheres dá uma visão sobre a maçonaria em Cuba, algo que para muitos é desconhecido.


Segue abaixo apenas o texto:”

Cuban Women Apply for Masonic Rites
December 19, 2007 · 1 Comment

Maria Deraismes, French feminist author, lecturer and politician, co-founder of Co-Freemasonry along with Georges Martin, through the La Respectable Loge, Le Droit Humain, Maçonnerie Mixte (Worshipful Lodge, Human Rights, Co-Masonry) in Paris.

IPS | Dec 18, 2007

By Patricia Grogg

HAVANA, Dec 18 (IPS) – A group of women are looking forward to founding the first women’s Masonic Lodge in Cuba next year, and so put an end to their traditional exclusion from Freemasonry, an esoteric society which is based on the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity.

They are being helped in this endeavour by the Women’s Grand Lodge of Chile, which will send a delegation to Cuba in mid-2008 to initiate several dozen women in Havana and Pinar del Río, 157 kilometres west of the Cuban capital, the head of the Working Committee on Women’s Masonic Lodges in Cuba, Digna Gisela Medina, told IPS.

According to Medina, women have been interested in Freemasonry for centuries, but it is only recently that women’s Lodges have come into being.

“As women achieved their goals and their active participation in society grew, women’s Lodges started to be formed in many countries of the world,” she said.

This has already happened in France, Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, and other countries. “It seems to be an irreversible process, and we think that sooner rather than later, women Masons will be internationally accepted by the Regular Grand Lodges,” she added.

Fabian socialist, feminist and Theosophist 33rd degree Freemason Annie Besant

Masonry is self-described as a progressive, philanthropic institution made up of free-thinking persons of good character who seek self-improvement. People of different religious creeds and atheists coexist within it, as do Masons of different political and philosophical persuasions.

But one of the ancient fundamental precepts of the United Grand Lodge of England, which sponsors Regular Lodges all over the world, is to exclude women from the brotherhood. Initiation of women Masons, therefore, would appear to be irregular and problematic.

José Manuel Collera

However, José Manuel Collera, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Cuba from 2000 to 2003, says that “like many other Masons,” he thinks this rule is now outmoded and should be revoked. “Personally, I have always defended the inclusion of women in Freemasonry,” he told IPS.

In his view, excluding women has caused the order to lose its appeal in the modern world. “Women are the most important element in society; they constitute half of humanity, and they are mothers of the other half. There is no doctrinal, philosophical, esoteric or initiatory reason to prevent a woman from becoming a Mason,” he argued.

Collera acknowledged, however, that Cuban women have had to overcome several hurdles in their quest, especially among some of the most conservative male Masons. “But these are only conflicting currents of thought, not an official position of Freemasonry as a whole,” he said.

In any event, sponsorship by the Women’s Grand Lodge of Chile removes any risk of the male Grand Lodge of Cuba losing its regularity and the recognition of the other Grand Lodges it is in amity with, by transgressing the ancient boundaries and accepting women among its numbers.

Women’s Masonry uses the Scottish rite, also practised by the male Cuban Lodges, so the symbols, rituals and initiations will be the same for men and women, said Medina, 46, who is a specialist in maxillofacial surgery at the Calixto García teaching hospital in Havana.

Among the groups of Masonic aspirants, aged 18 to 60, there are professional women and homemakers, Catholics and state employees. “The important qualities are that they should be virtuous, discreet, hardworking, and of course keen to join the Masons,” said Medina, whose father and husband are Freemasons.

Political activism or belonging to other social organisations are no bar to becoming a Mason, Collera and Medina said.

The Working Committee led by Medina was formed two years ago in Havana, and is made up of about 30 women. In Pinar del Río there are 32 women aspirants, and interest has spread to Caibarién, a town on the north coast of the province of Villa Clara, 268 kilometres from Havana, where a new group of women is getting under way.

There are plans for another Working Committee to be set up in Santiago de Cuba, the country’s second-largest city, which is 847 kilometres southeast of Havana. “We are not interested so much in quantity as in quality,” Medina said.

Statistics from 2004 indicate that there are 29,000 Masons in Cuba, organised in over 300 Lodges. The governing body of the order is the Grand Lodge of Cuba, and both the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, as well as the York Rite, are practised.

According to experts, throughout the history of Cuban Masonry women have always been associated with its activities, lending external support, but until now the felt need of women to enter the inner sanctum of its mysteries has gone unrecognised.

. . .



Onde comprar paramentos, livros, etc ??

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Abaixo uma breve relação de lojas no EXTERIOR e no Brasil onde você pode comprar material relativo a ordem maçonica.

No Exterior:

No Brasil:

Camisetas e bonés, inclusive da Ordem Demolay: